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Amended February 2020


1.1 The title of the organisation will be Wymeswold Bowls Club, referred to as WBC.

1.2 WBC will be a member of Bowls England and will seek to conform to all BE regulations. rules and policies.


2.1 To administer, promote, encourage and safeguard the level green sport of bowls as promoted by BE and Bowls Leicestershire, referred to as BL.

2.2 To adopt and enforce the Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark Current Edition.

2.3 To adopt the current rules, regulations and policies of BE.

2.4 To review the management and administration WBC.

2.5 to promote good relationships between other sporting bodies.

2.6 To promote the lnstruction and coaching of players in accordance with current standards and


2.7 To hold annual competitions in the events leading up to the National Championships conducted by Bowls England. and any other competitions WBC deems appropriate.

2.8 To compete in National Competitions, Leagues and other matches WBC deems appropriate.

2.9 To interpret, when called up by members, difficult or doubtful questions of law and practice (in bowls); and to arbitrate in all differences referred to WBC between and among members ln accordance with BE Rules, Regulations and Policies.


3.1 There will be the following levels of membership:

1. Full Membership

2. Social Membership

3. Honorary Life Membership to be proposed and seconded at an Annual General Meeting and a simple majority is required.

4. Juvenile Membership. - reduced Fee

5. Volunteer Member - No Fee

3.2 Full Membership

a. Membership of WBC will be open to any person to play outdoor flat green bowls, however, an application to be a member must be made on the appropriate application form and must be accompanied by a proposal and a seconder from current members of WBC current Management Committee.

b. WBC shall comply with the Data Protection Act. and where personal data is held it will be used for administration purposes only.

c. It shall be a condition of membership of WBC that this constitution and rules shall be accepted as binding upon each Club member.

d. Grievance and Disciplinary procedures: lt shall be a condition that WBC adopts BE Reg 9 when dealing with these matters.

e. WBC will give full support to UK Sports regulations regarding the use of performance enhancing banned substances and to co-operate with random drug testing authorised by the necessary authorities when thought necessary.

f. WBC will appoint a Safeguarding Officer.

3.3 Social Membership, Open to persons wishing to social bowl only, but would not be allowed to

represent WBC in competitive and Friendly matches.

3.4 Juvenile Membership, Open to persons under 21 years of age and paying a reduced

membership fee.

3.5 Membership and Insurance

WBC will have civil and public liability insurance for fully paid up members, life members, social and volunteer members.

3.6 Honorary Life Membership of WBC may be granted to any member for exceptional services.

The award will be conferred at the AGM of WBC.

Honorary Life Members of WBC shall have the right to vote at annual and special general meetings.

3.7 Volunteer members are normally non-playing members, however, these members do need to apply for membership on the appropriate application form.

Fees and Subscriptions

4.1 WBC shall receive recommendations from the Treasurer before deciding the amount of fees to be levied.

4.2 Such fees shall be paid by the end of February each year.

4.3 Where a member has failed to pay fees due, that member shall not be eligible to compete in National, County, Club competitions or WBC friendly matches whilst in default.

4.4 All membership fees should be paid up by 1st March each year, failure to do so may result in an individual not being selected for any game for WBC until such times as the required fees are paid in full.

Management – The Committee

5.1 The affairs of WBC will be conducted by the Management Committee.

5.2 The committee will comprise of the following:

1. President - 3-year tenure

2. Vice President - 3-year tenure

3. Secretary

4. Treasurer

5. Team Captains

6. Social Secretary

7. Development Officer

8. Safeguarding Officer

8. Competitions Secretaries.

9. BL Delegates

10. Any other (to-opted person.

All committee members shall be fully paid up full members of WBC and/or Honorary life members.

All officers will be elected at the Annual Genera! Meeting and any nominations for office shall be

Sent to the Club President at least 28 days before the AGM is to be held with a named Proposer and Seconder.

5.3 The Committee members will be confirmed in post on an annual basis. At completion of the tenure, they are eligible for re-election.

5.4 Role of the committee

a. Manage the affairs and administration of WBC in the best interests of all members.

b. Develop policies, guide and issue directions consistent with WBC objectives and National & County governing bodies.

c. To receive. consider, comment upon and act as it considers appropriate on any recommendations or issues received from members of WBC.

d. Bring forward any matters that it considers need to be approved by the AGM or Special General Meeting convened for that/those specific matters.

e. Liaise and generally communicate on behalf of its members with BL and other parties considered appropriate.

5.5 Duties of the committee

The committee shall

a. Appoint 2 delegates to BL Ladies and Men‘s sections.

b. Form sub-committees as may be required to carry out its duties.

c. Devise a strategy and plan for the on-going development of WBC.

d. Produce mlnutes of all meetlngs.

5.6 Powers of the Committee

The committee shall:

a. Approve matters related to structure, policy. procedure and finance. The committees limit of spend shall be no more than £4,000 without seeking approval at an AGM or EGM called for that purpose.

b. Fill vacancies between AGMS's where necessary.

c. Co-opt persons as it may require who shall have all voting rights.

5.7 Meetings of the committee

a. The Committee shall meet on a minimum of 3 occasions each year.

b. The notice and agenda of all meetlngs shall be sent to all committee members at least 7 days before the meeting stating the date, start time and venue.

c. A quorum for a committee meetlng shall be at least five members of the committee. No business shall be transacted unless a quorum is present. The quorum must Include at least two of the following officers: President, Vice Presldent. Secretary, Treasurer.

d. All members of the committee except the Presldent shall be entitled to one vote. When voting is equal on any motion, the President shall have a casting vote.

e. Subject to this Constitution, matters arising at any meeting of the Committee shall be decided by a majority vote.

Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures

6.1 All matters of discipline, grievance or misconduct will be resolved using the current version of Bowls England’s Regulation 9.

Annual General, Special General and Electoral Meetings

7.1 The AGM of WBC will normally take place at the discretion of the President.

7.2 The notice and agenda of the AGM shall be sent to all members at least 14 days before the date of the meeting, stating the date, start time and venue.

7.3 An EGM may be convened at time by the President or on receipt by the Secretary of a signed request by not less than 12 full members specifying the nature of the business to be submitted to the SGM.

7.4 Only fully paid up full members and Honarary life members have voting rights at an AGM or a EGM.


8.1 The committee and each and every member of its sub-committees or members acting under delegated powers from such sub-committees, will except in the case of wilful default or fraudulent acts or admissions, be indemnified by and out of WBC funds against any loss, damage, expense or liability incurred by reasons of or in connection with any legal proceedings instituted against them for any act done, admitted or suffered in relation to the performance of their duties in respect of WBC or committees thereof.

8.2 A decision to wind up WBC will require a majority of 2/3 of the voting members present and voting at an AGM or EGM convened for that reason.

8.3 60% of voting members shall form a quorum required for the decision to wind up WBC to be valid.


9.1 In the event of WBC being wound up or dissolved, the funds and assets of WBC remaining after all its debts and liabilities have been satisfied, including the costs and expenses of liquidation, will be distributed by WBC in equal shares to the current club members.

9.2 If the situation arises that there are no club members remaining at this point in time, then at the liquidation of WBC, the remaining assets will be transferred to BE or to a sporting body which is established substantially or primarily for the purpose of promoting any game or sport providing that the game or sport is conducted for the recreation and benefit of the general public in the locality of Wymeswold.

Matters not provided for

10.1 Any matters which are not covered by this constitution will be brought before the committee who will, where appropriate, consult with appropriate sub-committees/members in order to arrive at a decision. Such decisions will be final, subject to law.


Alterations to the constitution of WBC

11.1 Alterations or additions to this constitution will only be made at the meeting designated for this purpose.

11.2 Proposals for the alteration to the constitution shall be given to the Committee in writing.

11.3 Notice of any proposed alteration(s) shall be sent to all members of WBC at least 14 days prior to the Committee Meeting.

11.4 No alteration to any part of this constitution shall be allowed unless 2/3 of the membership eligible to vote and are present at such Committee Meeting vote in favour of such alteration.